Organic Manzanilla Cacereña Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Gourmet Edition)

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“A very sophisticated and special olive oil”

What is it?

An olive oil that is completely different from other olive oils, it is light and brilliant, with a deep green colour. It has the right balance between bitter, pungent and sweet. It is very fruity, with hints of green apple, aromatic herbs, banana, almond and tomato plant.

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It’s so good because:

  • It’s made from early-harvest olives, giving this olive oil its exquisitely unique personality.
  • This is a first cold-pressed olive oil.
  • It enhances the flavour of any type of food.
  • Its flavour is unlike any other.
  • It has a high content of oleic acid and omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid, making it particularly beneficial for the blood vessels, reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Perfect for:

Enhancing the aroma of any food and the flavour of purées, cheeses, fish, toast, salads and cold dishes. It is also great to whip up a healthy breakfast of toast with a hearty drizzle of olive oil.

How is it produced?

Our organic oil mill is found only a few metres away from our Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees. Only a few hours pass between the time we harvest our olives and the time we produce our olive oil. It goes from tree to table very quickly, so that none of its properties is lost. The olive oil is processed only through mechanical processes and cold extraction techniques. On top of all this, our olives are grown organically with the utmost respect for the environment.

What the experts say:

It is a minority variety that gives a sophisticated olive oil which is completely different from other olive oils. It is very stable, which means that it has a longer shelf life. It has a mild beginning with the right balance between bitter and pungent, and a prominent fruit finish.

Further enhance its flavour:

By using it raw with a wide variety of foods and recipes.

It is important to store it in a cool, dark place, keeping the bottle tightly closed at a temperature of approximately 20 ºC to ensure optimal storage conditions.

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