Pure olive juice 100% organic

Innovation and state of the art

Luz de Alba seeks to improve olive oil production using state-of-the-art techniques, both in cultivation and in manufacture, in order to recover the true essence of olive oil made using time-honoured methods. Luz de Alba olive oils are obtained exclusively from olives through mechanical processes or other physical means that never alter the product’s natural quality. What’s more, the olives do not go through any other processes aside from washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtering—100% natural, as prescribed by tradition. Once obtained, the oil is stored in our cellar under optimal conditions of temperature, natural light, oxygen, etc. And lastly, packaging is only done upon request—and not before—using dark-coloured glass bottles that ensure that all the oil’s properties are preserved.

Sustainability, ecology and health

It is only by taking utmost care of the environment that olive oil with the quality offered by Luz de Alba is possible.  The distinctive flavour of our oils is the result of 100% organic cultivation and production. At Finca Luz de Alba, renewable energy such as solar power is used, and all parts of the olive are utilised: first, by extracting oil, afterwards, the pits are used as biomass, and then the remains are used as compost to fertilise the olive trees. These processes are a sign of our commitment to sustainability and in addition, they ensure that the health benefits that olive oil offers are kept completely intact. It has been shown that olive oil provides powerful protection against cardiovascular disease, contributes towards lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, improves blood circulation, prevents calcium loss and slows down cellular oxidation, among many other advantages.

The Manchego character

The environment where Luz de Alba is located in Argamasilla de Alba—right in the heart of La Mancha—is what makes us a cut above the rest. It is simply impossible to imagine Luz de Alba—its olive oils, its products, the whole concept itself—elsewhere in the world. The climate, the land’s favourable characteristics, tradition and the Manchego character are crucial elements in the contents of every Luz de Alba bottle. And our goal is to make this uniqueness transcend our borders and gain worldwide renown. This is why Luz de Alba seeks to serve as a meeting point for professionals in the industry. Together we will make Spanish olive oil and La Mancha compete more efficiently in the world market. This is why we continuously organise courses, tastings, professional meetings, and all kinds of industry-specific events.

Five single-variety olive oils

Olive oil is the key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, and at Luz de Alba, we want knowledge about this product to be within everyone’s reach. This is why we make an effort to explain each and every one of its properties, we organise tastings, we actively participate in the dissemination of the olive oil culture and we market only the purest olive oil made of a single olive variety: Manzanilla Cacereña, Arbequina, Picual, Royal de Cazorla and Cornicabra. All of them are oils with great personality and with very low acidity—less than 0.2º.


A really fruity olive oil, mild on the palate with a balance between bitter and pungent and a prominent fruit finish. On the nose, it gives off lovely aromas of freshly cut grass, kiwi, tomato plant, almond, mint and basil.
It is a minority variety, which we have planted at Finca Luz de Alba and which gives us an elegant olive oil that is very distinctive and very stable (longer shelf life).
Perfect to enhance the aroma of any food and the flavour of purées, cheeses, fish, toast, salads and cold dishes.


A fruity olive oil with an exquisite flavour, sweet, mild and delicate on the palate, slightly bitter and pungent. On the nose, it has hints of apple, banana, aromatic herbs, almond and traces of tomato.
It is a very fresh olive oil which, due to its composition, requires immediate consumption and storage in a cool, dark place at a suitable temperature.
Perfect for use with fresh or cooked vegetables, steamed or charcoal-grilled fish, salads, shellfish, marinades, tinned food and emulsions. It is highly suitable for delicate dishes such as sauces and pastries, adding flavour without overpowering other condiments.


A fruity olive oil with medium-intensity bitterness and pungency, giving this olive oil a great personality. It is mild on the palate but with body, its pungency is well balanced, with a distinct note of pepper and almond. On the nose, it has hints of tomato plant and tomato, banana, apple, freshly cut grass and artichoke.
It is an excellent olive oil due to its composition of fatty acids and its amount of natural antioxidants, making it a very healthy olive oil. Its high polyphenol content makes it very stable, giving it a longer shelf life and excellent performance under prolonged thermal processing.
Perfect to enhance the flavour of cold meats, toast, raw and cold dishes, salads, marinades, sautés and fried food.


A fruity, sweet, mild, delicate, elegant olive oil, with barely any hints of bitterness and pungency. On the nose, it gives off aromas of freshly cut grass, ripe fig, banana, vanilla, artichoke, pineapple and dried nuts.
It is a minority variety—local to Sierra de Cazorla—which, for many years, was on the verge of extinction. We planted it on our estates in La Mancha, where it is thriving splendidly, giving it its unique personality and characteristics.
Perfect for all kinds of salads, cold dishes, fish, pastries, sauces and toast.


A fruity olive oil, with a harmonious balance between medium-intensity bitterness and pungency. The texture of this olive oil is smooth and velvety. On the nose, it has hints of apple, bitter almond, artichoke, avocado and spices. It has excellent aromas and flavours and remarkable complexity and balance.
It has a well-balanced composition of essential fatty acids, a high content of oleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids which give rise to a very healthy olive oil.
Perfect to enhance the flavour of salads, toast, vegetables, roasts, sautés and fried food.