Be inspired by the freedom of the birds on the incomparable landscapes next to Finca Luz de Alba.

Lagunas de Ruidera and Tablas de Daimiel are both the perfect home to a wide variety of bird species that choose Castilla-La Mancha every year for resting or nesting.
Everybody knows that birdwatching is an incredibly relaxing activity for wildlife lovers wanting to spend a day in direct contact with nature. In addition to learning more about water bird life, birdwatching will allow you to enjoy internationally-renowned environments fundamental for the survival of these animals.
We will take care of everything you need for you to enjoy nature, and watch and photograph the birds visiting the nature reserves near Luz de Alba.
Let your mind fly with every flap of their wings. Enjoy and experience nature from its kinder side. A full and highly recommended experience.

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