What is the olive oil production process? Find out for yourself. For a moment, be “master of the mill”, take part in the olive harvest and the subsequent oil-making process. Learn the secrets for obtaining premium organic extra virgin olive oil and its optimum conservation.

Start by discovering the olive tree organic farming method, the harvesting of the olives that later will be turned into oil, the form of transport to the mill, the entire olive processing procedure until the prized olive juice is obtained, and finally its preservation and packing.
Start your visit with the audiovisual presentation of our estate and end it tasting our oils.
A unique visit to the heart of the extra virgin olive oil production process.  Live all the magic of how trees and olives grow and how they are turned into the most precious liquid gold.
The recommended time of year for visiting our mill is between the months of November and January, since this is the harvesting period, when you can enjoy our Estate to the full, and participate in the olive harvesting and oil production process. It will be an unforgettable experience not only for you but also for us!

Request more information to book your guided tour of the mill, by sending an email to Looking forward to seeing you!